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To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold

Wrapped up as warm as possible, we escape Moscow heading to this frozen lake at the outskirts of the Russian capital.

There, a мотособака (motosabaka = motodog 🐶)is waiting for us, ready for the “Moskovskaya Arctic expedition”.

A thermos full of tea, a couple of snacks, and we are all set for the adventure in the Russian wilderness!

#1 Adventure – 2019

“The Moskovskaya Arctic expedition”

Moscow Oblast, Russia

We take our places in the two carts attached to the мотособака and start the journey on the inches-thick ice that covers the lake. Temperatures are several degrees below zero and, hopefully, this should prevent the ice surface to collapse under our weight.

The small convoy crunches the snowy and icy path ahead of us, leaving behind the track of our carts in the middle of nothing.

A freezing wind, mixed with thin and fast snowflakes, starts to cut those few parts of our skin which remained uncovered. It is like thousands of sharp knives hitting us, trying to force through the neck to the rest of the body.

Despite wearing all the warmest clothes we had, the cold takes advantage of us just a couple of minutes after our departure. There is no way to escape from it and we can only try to resist it hiding one behind the other.

After a couple of kilometres, we decide to stop for a warm coffee break near the forest and to take some pictures of this amazing place.

As the engine turns off, suddenly the astonishing silence, cold wind, and few fishermen scattered on the ice become magically the only companions in this amazing adventure…

Instagram full stories of the adventure: andry92dh