Walking through the maze of streets of the Vienna’s city center. Kärntner Straße, the State Opera House, the Sacher Hotel and a sweet souvenir to find. 

I’m in Vienna, again. Four years have passed since I came here the first time with my high school classmates. Now I’m back, trying to repeat the same track.

A slice of Sacher and a Viennese Capuccino…

Before moving I decide to taste again one of my most favourite sweets: the Sacher Torte.

I go straight to the “temple” of the Sacher Torte, where it is said to be born: the Sacher Hotel.  So, here I am, back to Vienna after four years. I enter the Cafè at the ground floor, I slightly remember all the details: the smell of the patisserie in the back, the noise of the shining coffee machine, the soft moquette under my feet. I ask a slice of Sacher and a Viennese Cappuccino, outside it’s still freezing, but spring is near to come.

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The explosion of sweetness it’s simply incredible. After a long morning, this is definitely what I needed, a perfect way to restore all the energies. Now all the memories are clear and detailed, I’m ready to head back to Vienna’s heart. Kärntner Straße, one of the main high streets it’s right here, near the Sacher Hotel and the State Opera House.

An unpredictable gothic surprise

I finally approach St. Stephan Church, dragged away by the flow of tourists and local guides moving around me.

The facade of the cathedral looks simple and only some gothic details appear on the famous Giant’s Door.

But it is inside that the Stephansdom really shows its best, bringing out an amazing gothic style, reflected in colours and shapes.


A carousel of memories

I leave the Stephansdom and I keep on walking in the city center. I can perfectly recognise Michael Platz (or Michaelerplatz) it is limited in a circle by the Hofburg Palace, the St. Michael Church and the modern Looshaus.

My memories jump back to the high school’s years as I approach the Heldenplatz gardens, behind the Hofburg and exactly in front of the Neue Burg.

The Augsburg dynasty used to train the beautiful Lipizzaner Horses inside the Hofburg’s stables. The horses still perform here for tourists rather than for princes and princesses.

I can still remember all these places and the streets I walked through; the atmosphere of this city and the taste of the best Sacher I have ever eaten in my life.

It’s a beautiful deja vu 

It’s from that little dark slice of chocolate cake, the unique taste of the Vienna’s Sacher Torte, that you can understand the mood of this city.

Yes, this will be definitely my best memory of Vienna, its sweetest souvenir.